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What our clients are saying..

A truly Satisfied guest!


Great service!!
Stacey T. says: I must say my daughter who is 10 with lots and lots of natural hair was very pleased with the results DeeDee produced. DeeDee didn't make her cry which is a huge plus!! My daughter has been shaking her hair every since. We were short on time so I didn't have the opportunity of her finishing my hair. I most likely would have given 5 stars if I could have seen this outcome. We will definitely be returning!!
Sherice M. says: We were told there were no beauticians who work with relaxed hair in San Francisco. I almost took it too heart, since I'm from Atlanta. I'm sooo glad we found her shop driving down San Pablo. She worked wonders on my daughters hair. The shop is beautiful, and Dee Dee is professional and knowledgeable in hair care. Thanks a Million Dee Dee!!!!
Great place to get you hair done
Cherry L. says: Dee Dee was a pleasure to have braid my daughters hair. She was gracious and did a wonderful job. We will not hesitate to go back.
Title your review love this place!
Mina K. says: Write your review i love coming here. It is the only place i trust with my hair. I always enjoy it.
The best place for Healthy Hair
Terri P. says: Quality care, quality products & personalized one-on-one service. With a focus on healthy hair, DeeDee is proactive in diagnosing & preventing damage. She isn't afraid to innovate by trying new & improved products -- she's the best!
Love it
Love it
Akilah k. says: I love serendipity Deedee is so nice and knowledgeable she shared so much information with me me and she is super nice and friendly.  I will definitely be back every 2 weeks to get my hair done..Thank u boo       
A Good Look
Colette F. says: As someone who has always had long hair, that grows really fast, my need for weave was virtually nonexistent.  However, I had a desire for a change and a new look, so Dee Dee suggested the Brazilian curly wavy weave.  Like I said, I was a weave virgin, no knowledge, no experience.  Dee Dee was very patient and walked me through the process step-by-step so that I was not only comfortable, but educating and informing others of how a weave can change your look, is very healthy for your hair when maintained correctly, and SUPER EASY BREEZY!  This look is now my summer go to look.  I wore it in Palm Springs, swam and water slides daily, with no problem.  It lasted long and my hair experienced a respite from the stress of relaxers and healed with daily conditioning.  Not only did I look fabulous, my hair was nourished like never before and I barely lifted a finger to do it!  Serendipity provides a very professional, knowledgeable, convenient (love the online booking and PayPal) and super friendly (Dee Dee is so cool) hair care experience - It's a good look!       
I will Be back....
Niki  B. says: This was my first time getting my hair done with Dee Dee and it's always a little scary going to somebody for the first time.  I have natural hair and a lot of it, but she handled it with no problem and it came out beautiful. She is also pleasant to talk with and has a great personality.  I don't straighten my hair often, but when I do I will be going back to Dee Dee.  Niki B       
Not Just a Salon and Experience!
Natasha C. says: Serendipity is by far one of most stylish and sophisticated salons in the Bay Area.  Always pleasing to the eye Serendipity Salon boasts a vintage style with a modern twist that is both posh and warm.   Ladies if you have been looking for a salon where the experience matches your beauty, do not hesitate to book an appointment with Dee Dee.  She is a bonafide professional and her work speaks for itself!  Parfait!!!!       
Simply the best
Nikki H. says: I've been going to Dee Dee for 10 years, moved away, and always come back to see her when I'm back in town. Glad to have a person who knows my hair, how I like it, and is reliable every time. I'm moving away from the Bay again and one of the hardest things will be trying to find another stylist that even comes close to her magic!       
She Did it Again!
Michelle . says: Once again Dee Dee impresses me with her knowledge and skill. I have a new look and I have gotten so many nice compliments. I can always count on her to make me look and feel great after each visit. Thank you again!       
Wonderful first time visit
Nikki C. says: I had my first appointment with Dee Dee this past Saturday and it was an absolute pleasure.  She was very patient with me as well as flexible about her services.  I had no idea how to book an appointment or about the services I actually needed, yet Dee Dee was accommodating and professional.  I will definitely be back.  Thank you again!       
Excellent Work!
Natasha C. says: Dee Dee makes my hair look fabulous with ease.  She is always kind and professional and willing to consult with you if you have a question or concern.  It is always a pleasure to be in the Serendipity salon.  Ashley and the other Serendipity staff are always pleasant and fun which makes for great beauty day ladies!       
LOVE Serendipity
Kamika d. says: This is one of the best hair salons ever! Dee Dee, Ashley and the rest of the staff are so delightful. Super professional and great customer service. My hair looked fabulous on my wedding day thanks to Serendipity!!        
Always the Best
Michelle W. says: DeeDee is always professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  The atmosphere is positive, welcoming, and I leave feeling like a new woman each visit.  I won't go anywhere else.